Flagler County Dress Code

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The Flagler school district was known as a great place to get an education for children and parents alike. Since then, it has become a more hostile environment due to the strict dress code that has been enforced upon students, when wearing normal clothes doesn’t bring about any issues with behavior or offensiveness. It is actually much more inconvenient for the parents of the students who can’t afford proper attire for the dress code, and as for the students themselves, they get bullied for being less fortunate. To add on to that, teachers and administrators who enforce it can wear regular day to day clothes, while maybe aren’t fortunate enough to follow the dress code will get punished, for maybe wearing a regular uncollared shirt or jeans with one tear in them. This is an abomination that we students are being forced to fit a specific image for the district, and I hope everyone who agrees with me will sign for this petition in faith that we will have a dress-code free future.