5 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Brad Sims

The estimated time to fix Tyalgum road is AT LEAST 12 MONTHS according to Tweed Shire Council.

We don't have a medical centre, a pharmacy, a high school, a supermarket, a fuel station and so much more. 

The thousands of residents, businesses and visitors of Tyalgum and surrounds are being neglected and betrayed by all levels of government who refuse to treat this as the disaster it is.  Instead, it's the agonisingly slow 'business as usual' overly bureaucratic approach, while businesses are ruined and people suffer serious economic hardship and ongoing stress.

The alternative route to our nearest town is shockingly damaged with huge landslips, hundreds of potholes, single lane sections barely functional and multiple temporary traffic lights that regularly fail.  It takes more than twice as long to travel and is extremely dangerous.  A huge number of people's vehicles are being seriously damaged, it's a miracle a school bus or truck hasn't fallen down a hillside and no-one's been killed.

There was a temporary track put in by locals, the council closed it.  They won't even allow a walking or cycle track through the damaged section with a bus on the other side.

There's been a huge amount of rain since the first flood in February and still the road has not slipped.  All the trees on the slip side are still standing holding the road and hillside in place.  The road itself has never slipped, and only ever subsided as the photos prove.  There are civil engineers, town planners and earthmoving companies who have privately said it can be fixed much sooner than is being proposed.

Our once thriving tourist village is really struggling.  People have lost their jobs, many businesses won't survive a 12 month delay.  Tradies are taking hours longer to get to work and spending a fortune in fuel, farmers are struggling to get stock to market.

Taking kids to school and picking them up is now a 3 hour mission.  Some parents are spending 15 hours driving!

Getting quick medical attention is impossible.

Just the first stage of repairs, the inspection and report IS STILL NOT DONE!  It's not due until August!  That's 6 months since the damage occurred in February!  If it was a highway it would have been done immediately.  For all the people who live in Tyalgum and surrounds our jobs, our businesses, our way of life is just not worth protecting.

If it was a new estate they would have moved half a mountain and built a dozen houses by now.  But we are not multi-millionaire investors, just regular folk who pay our rates, our GST, our income tax, our rego, and everything else that is supposed to ensure we get things like our roads fixed!  We're holding up our side of the bargain, come on!  It's a disaster, we really need the government's help, right now.

We demand that the repair of Tyalgum road be taken seriously, that the flood disaster be treated AS A DISASTER, with a sense of urgency, like any decent government knows how.

We call upon all levels of government, our local government, our State government and our Federal government to act as if we actually matter and FIX TYALGUM ROAD NOW.

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Signatures: 871Next goal: 1,000
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