Fix the Washington State Ferry System

Fix the Washington State Ferry System

September 16, 2023
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Why this petition matters

Fix the Washington State Ferries!
We, the residents and visitors of ferry-dependent communities, ask our elected leaders and agency decision makers to take urgent action to restore reliable ferry service. 

This crisis affects the economic health and quality of life of people and businesses across the state. Children are stranded on docks, ambulances are delayed on hospital runs, patients miss medical treatments, residents are losing wages, and small businesses are losing employees and income. 

We can’t wait any longer. While Washington State Ferries (WSF) works to address longer-term systemic problems, we ask for immediate, short-term solutions from WSF and supporting government entities, including:

•   Address and reduce last-minute boat cancellations 
•   Revise schedules to acknowledge real-world conditions so ferries can sail on time
•   Create systems and policies to help stranded passengers
•   Expand public transit options
•   Optimize labor incentives to aid recruitment and retention
•   Offer economic relief to small business experiencing losses in revenue 

Ferry-dependent communities have spoken loud and clear about the hardship of this crisis. Social media is filled with our stories, which also have been shared at public meetings with WSF. Now, it’s time to develop solutions that our elected representatives can help put to work. 

Our communities experienced reduced service from WSF during the pandemic. For many of us, service has not been restored. We need immediate, real-world solutions to address the real harms people are experiencing. We pay our fair share. We deserve safe, reliable transportation to and from our businesses and homes.

Ferries are the lifeblood for so many in Washington. It's time for change and time for solutions. We urge our elected leaders and public agency officials to take action now!

G. Barclay from Vashon shares her story:
"I am 7.5 months pregnant, and have had to miss entire days of work just to make a 30 minute appointment with my ObGyn. This is true *even with* preferential boarding. It has made getting *necessary care* nearly impossible, and I am terrified for what might happen if I go into labor while on the island, especially in the late night or early morning, when sailings are most often cancelled."

A. Woodward from Vashon shares her story:
"I had two important medical procedures scheduled on Sept 8. Late the night before, WSF reduced the V/F/S schedule to one boat the next day which would create a 3 hour wait. I worried all night if I would have to take the south end boat and drive 40 miles in rush hour traffic to Seattle to make my appointments. I rarely leave the island anymore because I don’t know if I’ll be able to get back. I commuted for 25 years and ferry service was very good. Now it is ridiculous and very unreliable due to crew shortages and cancelled sailings." 

570 people signed this week
Signatures: 1,174Next Goal: 1,500
570 people signed this week