Fix the Ontario Moose Tag Allocation - NO more wasted Tags

Fix the Ontario Moose Tag Allocation - NO more wasted Tags

November 4, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Joshua Shaw

THE MAIN ISSUE:     Unclaimed - Wasted MOOSE TAGS in Ontario

The new points based allocation system for distributing Moose tags in Ontario offers a fair approach to distributing Moose tags but has one major flaw.  UNCLAIMED tags left over in the Second Chance Draw that are unclaimed, not paid for and are left inaccessible to any other moose hunter.  Stale tags.

No Moose tag should be left wasted.  Tags unclaimed and unpaid for in the Second Chance draw should be made available to all hunters who did not successfully draw a tag in the Points based allocation process.

The new system is missing the "old" Surplus Moose Tag Allocation. 

This problem can be easily fixed through the implementation of a change to the Second Chance First Choice Draw rules (see below for full details) and/or, by Revamping the old Call In Surplus Moose Tag Allocation to ensure all moose tags in all Wildlife Management Units are distributed to the fullest of their availability. 

Unclaimed tags, wasted, squandered and left stale is unacceptable.  Its not a question of lack of interest in these tags.  Its an issue with a lack of accessibility to the tags as they become land locked to the Applicants who have zero intention of purchasing, claiming and using them.

Please sign this petition if you want to see: 

More fair moose hunting oppourtunities, more tags distributed to moose hunters, more support for small businesses and hunting industry workers, more economic prosperity in the province of Ontario and better management of our natural resources and tax dollars. 

Please read below for the full description on how this could be fixed, how these moose tags are wasted, the history of the allocation system and how to correct the issue to ensure all Moose Tags are being distributed and properly utilized across the Province of Ontario to those who desire to participate in the Ontario Moose Hunt.

How to fix this problem:

Option 1:   Using the existing points based allocation system.  Tags allotted to the applicant in the Second Chance, First Choice draw MUST be claimed and purchased by the person awarded the tag.  Failure to claim and purchase a "Second chance draw, First choice" tag results in the applicant forfeiting their accrued points.  This change will filter out hunters from applying for and wasting tags that they never intend to claim and have no interest in purchasing or using.  This change would provide priority to those applicants in the second chance, first choice draw who would actually utilize and pay for a tag if awarded or forfeit their points regardless.  All other hunters who have no interest in using their points for a tag can enter a 99Z selection for the Second Draw, first choice.  Then select the Tag (bull/cow/calf) for their respective WMUs for the second and third choice of the second draw.  Tags awarded under the second and third choice do not cost hunters points and therefore, hunters would be more reasoned to claim and pay for the tag.  Other considerations/possibilities:  The date for completing this transaction for Second and third choice tags could be moved up many weeks prior to the season.  Any non-purchased/claimed tags after this second draw are then distributed to moose hunting outfitters or a final Surplus Call in Allocation.

Option 2:   Any unclaimed tags from the second draw are put into the Surplus Allocation system similar to past practices.  Hunters call in and request, pay for acquire tags based on first come first serve basis.  Tags are distributed to the fullest of their possibility. 

The History:

In 2021 the Ontario Government in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry created a new points-based allocation process for the Ontario Moose Hunting Draw System.  

This system replaced the long out dated random selection draw which did not prioritize Hunters who had gone the longest without being drawn for a tag.

This new system follows many other points based system where a hunter will accumulate a single point in any year they apply to one or both allocation stages and they don't claim a tag awarded based on points.

If you claim a tag awarded based on points from the primary allocation or the first choice of the second chance allocation, your points will reset to zero.

You will retain your points and will gain a point if you claim a tag awarded to you on either your second or third tag choices in the second chance allocation.

But something has been missed in the new system. 

The SURPLUS Tag allocation no longer exists that offered a last chance distribution of tags that were not allocated in the Moose Tag Draw.

A new or similar program needs to be brought back to ensure fair access to hunting oppourtunities for all Moose Hunters.

Under the old system.  Any undrawn tags were made accessible to ALL MOOSE HUNTERS across the province of Ontario through the Surplus Allocation.  Allowing moose hunters to call in and claim by first come first serve to utilize leftover tags in Wildlife Management Units with more tags than applicants in the draw system.

This process offered a last chance to hunters who were unsuccessful in drawings a moose tag in their local or preferred WMUs to claim a tag in another WMU that was surplus and participate in the Moose Hunt.

It would be reasonable and easy to estimate that each individual moose tag represents between $5000-$10000 dollars in provincial business revenue per tag.  These revenue dollars represent an injection of commerce into small norther towns and communities across the province of Ontario where the year for a small business may be made or broken on the dollars spent during the Ontario Moose Hunt.  

Under the new Points Based system.  Hundreds or even thousands of Moose tags are successfully drawn in the Second chance draw to applicants.  But remain unclaimed and unpaid for. 

These tags effectively go stale, never claimed and never paid for and create the following concerns:

1-Tags are ever made accessible to hunters after being wasted in the Second Chance draw.  Leaving hundreds of hunters and hunting groups at home not able to access the available and unclaimed tags that would allow them to access Moose hunting oppourtunities across the province of Ontario.

2-Undistributed tags create a massive economic loss for the businesses and employees across Ontario such as restaurants, gas stations, outdoor supply shops, hotels, motels, butchers and many other industries.  Likely in the millions of dollars.

3-Undistributed tags create a massive economic loss for Hunting outfitters and employees across Ontario who could be employed via the access to these "Stale Tags" for lodging, accommodations, guiding, fuel and other services.  Likely in the millions of dollars.

4-Unclaimed Tags are never purchased by moose hunters representing conservation dollars for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry which should and would be invested back into our Crown Lands and Conservation Efforts.

5-Creats a economic loss for provincial tax revenues that then burdens the overall tax system as there is less funding for programs that help support all these northern communities.  So these communities are hit twice with economic loss, or other communities bare the burden of this loss.

6-Increased Poaching risk and lack of Fairness for all hunters.  Allowing successfully drawn second chance draw tag applicants until the last day of a moose season to pay for and claim the moose tag creates a middle ground where a person could hunt for weeks, harvest an animal and purchase the tag after they harvest an animal.  Essentially, eliminate the grey area and force successful moose tag applicants of the Second Chance draw to purchase their tags weeks before the opening day of Moose Hunting Season or return them.  These tags would then be distributed through a revamped Surplus Moose tag allocation.

Simply put, the Ontario Government and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources is squandering away our Resources and Tax dollars year afteryear by not allowing hunters to access and purchase these tags.  This practice is restricting access to hunting oppourtunites, mismanaging our natural resources and throwing away millions in revenue for small businesses across the province all because they refuse to admit there is a problem.  

Enough is enough.  We the hunters, the families, the outfitters, the voters and the tax payers deserve the right solution.  If this problem isn't addressed now, this will stretch on endlessly effecting families across the province.  

Please sign this petition if you want the following:

I want more fair moose hunting oppourtunities, more tags distributed to moose hunters, more support for small businesses and the hunting industry and it's workers, more economic prosperity in the province of Ontario and better management of our natural resources and tax dollars.

A change needs to be implemented to ensure all tags are distributed to the fullest of their availability to any Moose Hunter who wishes to pay for and hunt a tag that otherwise would be wasted.

This petition will be distributed to:

Ontario Premier Doug Ford

Graydon Smith, MPP Parry Sound Muskoka- Minister  -- Natural resources and forestry

OFAH- Ontario Big Game Advisory committee

All Ontario MPPs who represent a riding with Moose hunting season.

Any other stake holders seen fit including federal MPs or applicable Advocate Groups.


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Signatures: 137Next Goal: 200
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