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Samsung phones have some major flaws to them!  My Samsung phones keep disconnecting from the internet every goddamn time I'm trying to use the internet on it! On one of my older phones I tried to send my mom a picture of my new apartment but the stupid God damn phone wouldn't connect to the fucking internet l even though I was right in the middle of my apartment where I should have gotten some decent freaking Wi-Fi! And my mom was so fucking dissapointed because of that! And it's all because of these idiots at Samsung! Now this old Samsung phone I use takes for bloody ever to connect to anywhere other than my parents home so I have to leave at my apartment all the time. So naturally, I bought a newer version Samsung phone! Yesterday I was trying to edit a VERY important petition about YouTube but because of the way you incompetent designers Samsung designed the newer Samsung phone it kept disconnecting from the bloody internet and and I worked hard to edit the petition and spent about 20 minutes on it all to have erased before I could save it! And when I tried to edit the petition again my phone completely froze and shut the hell off and it hasn't been working since last night. I'm stuck needing to use this old crappy Samsung phone, which by the way does not have an s i m card so no I cannot phone anyone and no one can phone me. And the phone I'm using right now, which is also Samsung doesn't work either it also disconnect from the internet constantly as I mentioned before, and it keeps inserting whatever I'm typing at the top of my paragraphs when I'm on certain sites that involve typing. And I'm not the only one with this problem either! A bunch of other people experience the same problems when using Samsung phones. The way the Samsung company designed their phones is completely asinine and it needs to be fixed pronto! I doubt many people are going to keep buying our phones if they don't fix them. And that's not a threat that's just a fact. People aren't going to buy crappy phones but this is not about Samsung. This is about me and other Samsung users. Suffice to say Samsung phones are defective and they need to be fixed and adjusted so we don't have these problems. And the voice mic on Samsung is completely pathetic! It doesn't hear a single word you say! I swear to God Samsung is almost as bad as Apple  when Steve Jobs was alive!

Are you having the same problems with your Samsung phone?

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