Why is he still a Judge? Families are suffering because of him. No respect for women

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Why have a court system or court orders if Judges don't enforce them? I have stood in front of this Judge 3 times asking for consequences for my son father.  He has repeatedly broken all the court orders that this judge gave him. He told him each time if you break it again there will be civil and criminal penalties.  But... Never was.. Each time I said Its impossible to co-parenting if he won't follow orders.  This judge didn't do his job! He isn't uphding the law! Judge didn't give us the time in court we were scheduled from half day to under an hour for a RFO hearing,  refused to look and review our evidence, allowed an abuser to repeatedly break court orders wouldn't give consequences and eforce his court orders! Instead because he was in a rush just gave him 50% custody when I had full custody beaches he didn't want to review the evidence even said so in the court room.  He said if you want me to take time to review from another RFO.  But that was my RFO that cost me $15k in a lawyer to do! He was lazy rather be at his engagement then look at my case and enforce court orders. It was unacceptable, appalling and not justice! This is not ok and our courts should do a better job! He hasn't been the only Judge that failed us. My son is in danger now surrounded by alcohics shooting guns letting my son play and shoot the AR's and automatic rifles, and my abuser got rewarded for bad behaviors as well as still allowed to break all the court orders while nothing Is enforced in court. I  didn't get a fair trial or the allotted time we were supposed to have. He was in a rush to leave for an engagement he had.  No regard that he is ruining the life of my little boy and I. Judges should be held accountable for not doing their job!!   I would be fired if I didn't do mine. Enough is enough! Children get abused and die because family law judges don't care don't do what is right and needed to protect them.  They still have a job! #protectourcchildren #Holdjudgesaccountable