Honour your commitment to fix potholes by 15 Dec 2015

Another deadline, another commitment. None of the promises in the past has been fulfilled. We are losing patience... We have already lost lives! Bangalore citizens are watching this one now closely - BBMP's new pothole fixing commitment to fix 100 stretches by Dec 10. We feel cheated on the last many such promises by BBMP. Why is this a big deal? Bangalore commuting time has become one of the worst among the Indian mega cities. There has been a sharp rise in spine-related injuries in the younger population (22-30yrs) because of bad roads People have lost lives - those killed have included from a 9yr old child to many young women. Everyday traffic jams have caused increased frustration, road-rage and the city has nosedived on liveability parameters.   Efforts to fix the roads have been half-hearted and ineffective. What’s worse is that every year several thousand crores of tax payers’ money is spent on maintenance of roads. Yet the BBMP has not been able to provide us with good roads. Government's apathy is hitting citizens and their convenience, day-to-day productivity, and lives in general.  As a concerned citizen, I believe it is time to end this menace. That’s why I started this petition on Change.org asking the Bangalore Mayor Sri B N Manjunath Reddy and Commissioner of Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), G Kumar Naik to honour their LATEST promise to fix potholes. This time, we are keeping a close watch... because IT IS OUR PROBLEM. If thousands of us from Bangalore sign this petition, we will be able to build enough pressure on the BBMP Mayor and Commissioner to take this civic issue very seriously. With strong public demand, we will have a stronger case to demand a pothole free Bangalore from its authorities. Sign my petition.
This petition will be delivered to:
  • Municipal Commissioner, Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike
    Mr G Kumar Naik
  • Mayor, BBMP, Bangalore
    Sri B N Ma

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