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Progressive Insurance Company refuses to repair my vehicle which was struck in a parking lot by an under-aged girl who had Progressive Insurance.

Progressive representatives told me on my first call that they were not going to fully cover the cost of repairing the damage to my vehicle due to the low property damage limit on the policy they sold and that I should get his insurance company to pay for the damage. I am not alone. Browse the message boards and you can see the complaints about Progressive indicate this is a systematic response. Help me send a message that they need to change their practices.

On their fancy ads, their spokesperson, Flo, claims that Progressive will give you Cadillac service at Hyundai prices, but the reality is you get Yugo coverage. Help me get Flo to fix my ride!

Letter to
Byron Evans Progressive Insurance Company
PR Flack, Progressive Insurance Jeff Sibel
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Progressive Insurance Company.

Fix His Ride, Flo (and stop fleecing consumers).

By selling under-insurance policies at cut rates to CA consumers, you are deceiving honest consumers about the level of protection needed in the event of an accident. This is leaving victims on both sides- the person who is damaged by not fixing their rides and the person who bought the policy in good faith, paid their bills then were left with the tab when they needed it most. Stop selling under-insurance and fix his ride!