Fix Fortnite Middle East Server Packet Loss issue.

Fix Fortnite Middle East Server Packet Loss issue.

9 October 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Qasim Zafar

I have been playing Fortnite since 2020 on Middle East Servers and it was running fine until the update of Season 4 of Chapter 3 came and all went to SH*T, I was getting heavy packet loss in RANDOM matches in the pre-match area and then I get disconnected from the game.

<img src="" alt="Fortnite Packet Loss">

<img src="" alt="Fortnite Disconnection">

I contacted EPIC and they gave me a list of to-dos (- which I completed, still no use. Then they said uninstall-install the game, I did to no avail. Then I thought may be my PC is the problem, I started playing on XBOX but the problem remained the same. I talked to EPIC they said

"Means that I would need to focus on that platform, focusing on both platforms will only confuse you of what should you do in order to solve your issue, as you were able to see at the very beginning of the conversation, there are steps that can be done through a PC only, and not through Xbox. Now, If you have reinstalled the game already, and you are having the same issue even though you have checked your connections, I can only recommend you to check your GPU drivers and make sure they are up-to-date, in the case of Xbox, you will need to reach Xbox support, so they can provide you specific steps according to your system. 
A pleasure to have you here, in case you need more help, please let me know.
Dark Flame Master "

SO I worked with my ISP for two weeks doing random scenarios, adding ports, opening UPnP, changing DNS, Changing routers, Packet loss tests, ping tests, changing routing, having a Public IP directly to my router but to no use. The ISP says from our network PING is going fine.

So I changed my local ISP, still problem same problem with the new ISP, I was like "Am I the only one having this problem", why, how?

So I started posting on social media, and got some responses from <a href="">Fortnite Pakistan</a> and <a href="">Fortnite Pakistan Official</a>

Funnily enough it is ONLY happening on Middle East Server not on Europe Server, my ping is obviously high but no disconnection.

So I decided to start that petition so that many people would sign it and EPIC would know that we are not alone, it is a problem but with many, the issue might be at EPIC's side. Fix it.

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Signatures: 65Next Goal: 100
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