Bring SVRP Back!

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Bring SVRP Back!

SVRP is a roleplaying server that has been around for over a year. They have built a massive community with a great amount of amazing roleplayers. They have a caring team of Moderators, Developers and Supporters. Sadly there has been a conflict of interest with another roleplaying server around Christmas of 2020, which led to SVRP being shut down for copyright infringement. According to several sources, codes that had been written by another developer were used and changed to help create the platform SVRP is today. 

Due to this copyright infringement, several developers have been working hours and hours to write their own code and make SVRP a server completely running on brandnew codes and new designs. 

We as a community are asking you, FiveM, to review the proof that has been sent to you. The proof that Jack Foster and the Developers of SVRP have been working extremely hard to get the server running again. There are hours and hours of past broadcast of developers writing the codes and it is clear to see that there is no longer a copyright infringement in place. 


Thank you!