Make Friendly’s On Mineral Spring Into Five Guys

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Let’s be honest guys, Five Guys is the best fast food place near us, and it be really awesome for us to have a five guys on Mineral Spring Avenue. Friendly's sadly is old news, and with the recent closing, they’ll have to put something in its position, and I think North Providence needs more new and up to speed places. Not only would putting a Five Guys in North Providence be beneficial for us fast food goers but it would really make North Providence look like a good tourist attraction, with all of the good main fast food places in one street, like how could that be any better? I say we put this Five Guys where Friendly’s is, And I’m sure that if the Town Of North Providence can build a new police station that we really didn’t need, I’m sure that they can spend a few for a Five Guys.

Five Guys with its shakes and delicious burgers would really help out North Providence. It would make our dirty old town seem like a fresh new start. Since Wendy’s and Providence Bagel opened, there have been lines and lines waiting to try those new food places, so putting in a Five Guys could really be a good start for making this Town , let alone this street, a more attractive place.

One thing people have hated recently is the speed limit change on Mineral, and maybe just maybe this new Five Guys could potentially put that behind us. I know I hated the speed limit change and still do, but if they put a Five Guys near us, I’d honestly forget about the speed limit and just go right there , no matter the traffic. I think I speak for everyone when I say North Providence needs to be “cleaned up” or at least look nice, and while the new Wendy’s and Providence Bagel certainly did a little to help , I think this town can do a lot better. 

Last but not least, if Five Guys were to build another establishment on Mineral Spring, let’s just say that there’ll be a lot more people going to it, I know I’ll be one of the first to go there, for Five Guys is and always will be my favorite fast food place. So Five Guys, make this happen, let’s get this on Mineral Spring, and make us hungry fast food goers more happy than ever.