FIU Art Department Reform

FIU Art Department Reform

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Started by Amy Neuman

On behalf of the College of Communication, Architecture, and the Arts (CARTA) undergraduate students at Florida International University (FIU), we wish to appeal to the Board of Trustees our request to have the donation from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott be used for CARTA’s art department and its majors. We hope that through these funds we will be able to renovate our classrooms, purchase new state-of-the-art equipment, as well as provide funding for our professors, advising staff, and funds for student organizations.

Funds for the art programs are crucial to the success of our students. To create a bright future for our students that trains them to create extraordinary artwork, we need to update our resources. Our students cannot unleash their potential with outdated tools. Funding can make a large impact in the art department because the arts heavily rely on equipment and resources in order to create quality work and learn with industry-standard tools. Furthermore, the buildings in which our classrooms are housed are deteriorating. We do not want the state of these buildings to pose a health or safety risk to our students. We want our students to feel safe in the classroom and we also want them to have access to high-quality resources that will motivate them to continue their studies and enrich their artistic skills.

Many programs such as hospitality and international studies are fully supported by many sponsors’ donations; the art department rarely receives grants. Many professors reported having to reach out to sponsors to find connections and grants. The administration of CARTA has been slower to evolving and meeting students' needs than we have been hoping for. Although we are in contact with Dean Schriner and Executive Assistant Lisette Garcia, we need to accelerate the growth of our department. We believe this would greatly benefit the school and that these funds could start us in the right direction.

Art students are also the masterminds behind many businesses’ and corporations’ success. Miami is now a hub for the arts, where artists showcase their talents through Art Basel, the Miami Beach Urban Studios, the Miami Design District, and the Wynwood Walls. Securing these funds will also help our students network with rising artists. This includes state and nation-wide, as well as international, businesses. Consequently, many graduates will grow a grand platform for themselves and create a unified aesthetic for brands.

For these reasons, we as a collective wish that these funds go towards the fine arts department. Funding for these requests will ensure our success and motivate more students to pursue an education at FIU.


The Art Department at Florida International University

251 have signed. Let’s get to 500!