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Bring Back American Sign Language to Campus

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Sign Language is a largely used language by another part of this world that we do not have full access to. Deaf people are usually the ones to attempt communication with us while we do little to accommodate them. There is a way to solve it by introducing an American Sign Language class. There is a significant interest in making this class more available. Not only would these classes help other majors, including but also not limited to special needs majors and the honors department, this class would fulfill the foreign language requirement. Many campuses accept this as a foreign language, which Fitchburg State University does, but they also provide the opportunity to take the class during the normal fall and spring semesters. Fitchburg State only offers the class during the summer. Classes in the summer cost extra and do not allow a student to take on a job to gain funds for the upcoming school year that they normally participate in. To solve this, we need to make the classes more accessible to students during the usual class semesters. The teacher that taught this in previous semesters has encuraged this pettition and knows that this may help push for a faster welcome of ASL. He wants everyone to understand that ASL is importaint, not just to him but to alot of people on campus as well. 

As a CODA, a Child of Deaf Adults, I believe that the opportunity to have this class would broaden many horizons and allow students to learn a language that is not only useful but also fun. There is already a deaf presence on campus and if we can make the campus more accessible to the deaf world, then we can accommodate more deaf students in the future. American Sign Language is not just a class, its a beautiful, artistic language that you learn for life. 

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