Prosecute Austin Shook and Raul Figueroa for animal abuse! TURTLE KICKED TO DEATH ON TAPE!

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In early July, 2018, Raul Figueroa filmed Austin Shook kicking a large beautiful, innocent, gentle, helpless turtle in the face in Massachusetts. The turtle was killed. There was absolutely no reason for this. There is no, “did this actually happen?” There is video evidence which was uploaded to Facebook (later taken down).

After posting the video, Raul noted in a Facebook message Austin killed the turtle for a, “Chinese restaurant to make turtle soup.” If this is fact, the community would like to see evidence of a hunting license and the hunting regulation that allows a turtle to be kicked to death.  Also, which restaurant they are kicking turtles to death for.

These individuals do not see their actions as dangerous and harmful; there is no remorse or empathy. They do not take responsibility for their actions or see long term consequences to their impulsive, horrendous behavior. People committing harm to animals are extremely dangerous and charges must be placed to protect society at large.

The community needs to see justice!

WARNING!!!! Viewer discretion is advised! The video can be viewed

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