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Stop iTown Church construction at 136th St and Brooks School Rd

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Fishers is moving forward with a plan to rezone the area on the corner of 136th St and Brooks School Rd to facilitate construction of a new mega-facility for iTown Church.

The infrastructure in the area of this proposed construction cannot handle this megachurch.  Both 136th St and Brooks School Road are two lane roads.  The church’s current location on 126th St has four lanes of traffic and yet during peak church traffic times they still have to have off duty police officers directing traffic.  If a four lane road like 126th St cannot handle the traffic then how could a two lane road?  The impact to ALL the subdivisions and private residences along Marilyn Rd, 136th St and Brooks School Rd will be heavily felt during times of peak church traffic; according to news reports iTown has as many as 11 services per week with as many as 3000 parishioners.  iTown has also tried to move into the backyard of Grey Eagle subdivision but the subdivision pointed out via multiple news outlets and their own petition that the area of 126th and Brooks School (with a four lane road and a stop light) could not handle the traffic volume increase; if that was the case then it seems obvious that two lane roads with single lane traffic circles cannot handle this traffic increase either.

The proposed location for iTown’s construction backs up to Limestone Springs subdivision.  They propose to construct a church large enough to seat 1,350 parishioners and a parking lot large enough to hold more than 800 cars.  Limestone Springs residents who used to see farmland and green grass will now be able to have a breathtaking view of a hulking structure and an expansive parking lot.  Ultimately this will lead to reduced property values in the area; it is desirable to live in a quiet community with pleasant surroundings but not so much to live on a church parking lot.

Residents at the north east border of Limestone Springs subdivision already cope with high water levels from even the smallest of rains due to poor drainage in the area.  Adding a large structure and significant amount of parking surface in this area doesn't make sense as the changes in the ground from its current form – farmland – will create nearly a 100% increase of impervious surface for rainwater to run off of.  The city’s Director of Engineering “anticipates” that iTown will install a retention pond to help with the rainwater runoff, but apparently he cannot guarantee that nor can he guarantee such a pond will be effective in solving the problem for our neighbors and their homes.  Further, we do not need more retention ponds and more parking spaces that simply lead to more impact on our environment.

iTown Church has already run into fierce opposition in their attempt to build behind Grey Eagle subdivision in Fishers for the same basic reasons we state here.  In that situation they wanted to back their church up to Grey Eagle subdivision in place of a golf course and driving range.  Residents rallied and pointed out the same issues that we point out here.  The issues raised from iTown’s previous attempt to build are not solved by this new proposed location, they are exacerbated and thrust upon a smaller group of people.  The area at 136th and Brooks School needs to remain as is for those who live around it.  There is plenty of land in Fishers or other parts of Hamilton County along areas that have appropriate infrastructure to support this extremely large church.  This area is not one of those areas.

Please sign this petition to bring attention to this issue and block the building of this church in our neighborhood. Either they need to fit within the original zoned restrictions or go elsewhere.

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