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MATTEL Inc, STOP making racist toys, STOP 'JYD' toy figure with dog collar & chain

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MATTEL Inc. STOP! Making RACIST TOYS! STOP ‘JYD’ toy with dog collar & chain!

In this ‘New Millennium’, children’s toy manufacturer, MATTEL, INC. makes, *another, racist ‘toy’, ‘Junkyard Dog (JYD): Elite Collection Flashback’, a ‘action figure’ toy, which promotes, chaining by the neck, a ‘black person’, and ‘enslavement’ of a human, as ‘childs play’.  *JYD, is 3rd, of a series of toys, promoting enslavement & racism, produced by Mattel, Inc, in just the past few years.

The InterNational Anti-Racism Group [INARG] asks you, to HELP, TELL MATTEL. Inc. TO;
STOP producing racist toys!
STOP  offering neck/dog collar & chain! 'JYD' toy figure
'Junkyard JYD' was a, racist, wrestling persona, invented by a promoter, Bill Watts (a white man), which Mr. Slyvester Ritter (a former, usa professional football player) portrayed. JYD promoter, and Mr. Ritter, used popular racist stereotypes (i.e. African Americans/Blacks as ‘animal-like’, lives ‘of low value’, and neck shackling referencing; commanded by another/enslavement/imprisonment), to appease, the predominately white audiences, in those times. An exploitation used, to also present JYD as, ‘unthreatening’, and ’controllable’, while facing, predominately, white competitors. This persona, dehumanized JYD.

Due to racism, many black/native/latino/asian performers, in the USA, in the 20th century, portrayed stereotypical, racist roles/characters, in order to, gain access to professional fields, including pro-wrestling’ WWF.

Earlier this year INARG contacted Mattel Inc., to urge them to stop offering dog collar and metal chain with this toy. INARG received this reply; Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing your thoughts about our WWE Elite Junkyard Dog action figure. That figure was designed as a tribute to WWE icon, Sylvester Ritter, who famously donned a dog collar and chains each time he entered the ring as his character "Junkyard Dog." Our goal was to honor Ritter's life and professional WWE career. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused and appreciate you bringing your concerns to our attention.
We've passed your comments on to the appropriate teams. While you may not see any immediate changes, we will make sure your voice is heard. Please rest assured that we take matters like this very seriously. Our company was founded on the tenants of "playing together" and "playing fairly’’, and we strongly believe in acting with integrity and respect in every area of our business, with every product we make.
Thank you, again, for reaching out to us.   
 Shirley G., Mattel Consumer Services Associate

Mattel, Inc. continues to promote, and profit from this racist toy, not "acting with integrity", and clearly, not encouraging "playing fairly", by including dog collar & chain as part of a children's toy.

Mattel’, JYD toy figure, is recognizable, without, these racist tropes included.

*Last year, 2015, a Mattel' brand, ‘Fisher-Price’, ceased producing, a similar, racist 'Playmobil' toy figure, due to, international, public outcry.…/mom-says-playmobil-pirate…/…/Playmobil-criticised-US-mum-raci
(no affiliation with INARG) IDA LOCKETT to Playmobil/Fisher Price 2015 -“… Newsflash, Playmobil: this is the 21st century. People of African descent have contributed to mankind in a myriad of ways that existed outside of the disgusting institution of the slave trade. Selling children's toys that are suggestive of slavery in play is obscene, even more so given the marked absence of diversity in your entire toy line….
#‎ Playmobil What is wrong with you????”


The InterNational Anti-Racism Group [INARG]; is educators, artists, writers, musicians, activists, parents, and grandparent working, to stop use of the racist character, blackfaced ’Zwarte Piet/ZP/Black Pete’ in Holland, and to stop the promotion racism. 

Today: InterNational AntiRacism Group is counting on you

InterNational AntiRacism Group [INARG] needs your help with “ MATTEL Inc, STOP making racist toys, STOP 'JYD' toy figure with dog collar & chain”. Join InterNational AntiRacism Group and 23 supporters today.