Local amenities at Fish Hoek Beach need change!

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This petition has now closed.

Hello. Thank you for signing to indicate if you would like to see a change about what is on offer at Fish Hoek Beach front. 

My aim with this petition was to express my dissatisfaction with the smoking that was not expressly dealt with, and many people gave their own views on why healthy competition is the way forward. 

Currently the premises are let on a month to month basis (since the original lease expired in 2016).  It will be coming up for review in the next 2-3 months and we can then put our needs on the table for review. (I have spoken to local authorities about how to try and get other options on the beachfront).

This petition has now closed and I thank you for your time in sharing your experience and ideas about a way forward.  

I will speak to local journalists to publicise when there is an available opportunity to have your say in the decision making process in relation to what Fish Hoek Beach has to offer in terms of eating facilities. 

Best regards,




Dalene West
1 year ago