Adjustments to the Semester 2 grading system wanted by students, amid the COVID-19 effects

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In this petition, we ask the faculty of the Frankfurt International School to adjust the grading system for Semester 2 in a way that ensures no one is disproportionately negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To achieve this, we want the school to implement a policy, under which no students Semester 2 grades are lower than their Semester 1 grades, except under the guidelines listed below. 

The only way in which a student can be awarded a grade lower than their Semester 1 grade is if this student has received grades that are twice the margin lower. For example, if a student got a 6 in Semester 1, and now received a 4, this would result in a 5 for the Semester 2 mark. 

Quick Note: We are still in favor of students receiving higher grades than they achieved in Semester 1 if they deserve this.