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Push FirstBus to make bad drivers and routes more accountable for poor services

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As I'm sure most of us know, FirstBus's monopoly on the Bristol bus system (and many of other systems around the country) means that when they consistently do a bad job, we have no choice but to keep using them. As a result, the company is essentially unaccountable because they know that, we, the users, will always come back because we have to.

Do you remember when they reduced the bus prices a few years back? Well have you noticed how they have slowly creeped back up to the same overpriced level that they once were, but once again we have no choice in the matter. Furthermore, in any other job, if you acted as rudely and disrespectful as some bus drivers do to paying customers, you would be sacked on the spot. So why is it that bus drivers get let off the hook? Because there is nobody to hold them accountable for their actions. The same can be said for routes that are constantly late or don't show up at all.

Subsequently, I am urging FirstBus/FirstGroup to create some kind of user framework, an app of some sorts, where passengers can report rude/horrible bus drivers, or whenever buses don't turn up etc. This would allow FirstBus become aware and do something about the many problems that their services have, and make passengers feel like they're being listened to. This would also have a positive effect on First's company image, as the vast majority of people see them as a complacent and apathetic company.

Furthermore, I expect that First will respond to this by saying that passengers can easily complain about drivers through email or phone, but that simply isn't a viable model in the modern age as it is hard to keep track of times and routes etc. An easy-to-use user framework would allow everyone to have a say on their experiences, rather than the few that can be bothered to email or call. I am not disregarding the fact that there are passengers that are equally as difficult to deal with, so why not have a system in place that allows drivers to report and then refuse service to those who repeat offend?

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