Reduce First Bus price

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David Martin
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FirstBus is taking advantage of the current situation by increasing bus prices and ripping us students. They are aware that we do not have any choice. 

The situation is worse for Bath uni students, who rely on FirstBus to get to the city. Despite, the increasing bus prices, FirstBus is offering reduced service. The U1 route is being diverted from the city center. This will cause havoc in the first term and mean that many students won't be able to attend lectures. Reduced capacity is, especially, a challenge for the mobility of disabled students/persons, considering how Bath is already quite an inaccessible city for students with mobility issues. Removing bus stops closer to the city center is detrimental for disabled students who live on campus These changes may push them to find alternative transport, but finding new funds for this at very short notice can be difficult.

We are left with two options: either walk or to be ripped off. But with your signature, we will have the power to change this. We are already ripped by the university, government and let us not be ripped by the bus company :) 

University students make up a large sum of Bath, therefore authorities should not neglect the impact of their decisions on us- we are also consumers!