Corporate Communication Exam - Re-Evaluation

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On behalf of most first-year students of the University of Amsterdam in the English track of Communication Science, we would like to express my dissatisfaction with the structure and the teaching of the Corporate Communication course, and consequently make a request to do a new evaluation of the grading criteria that contains content that was entirely provided to us.

We are students eager to learn, but we can only do this if the university allows us to demonstrate our knowledge in a logical and clear way. We cannot answer questions that were unnecessarily complicated and unclear, about several topics or details that had never been mentioned to us before.

Since the beginning of the course, we have been complaining about the lectures and the content provided in the slides to our tutorial teachers without seeing any change. And that’s without mentioning the inadequacy of our tutors who have given us different answers for the same study question in each tutorial. Similarly, we have noticed multiple times that the tutorials not only provided few helpful information to support our studying of the subject, but that the assignments handed-in did not provide a clear explanation of what is expected from us. Little to no existent feedback of our assignments or study questions was provided before the exam.

Then, we would overall like to highlight how unstructured and unclear the content required for the exams was. Two months were too short for the overload amount of information we had to remember for the exam. And from everything we remembered, we were graded on subjects we have never heard before such as AC3ID.

As of the partial exam in general, the multiple-questions were confusing and sometimes had mistakes such as including “[PS1]” in the formulation of the question, too complex vocabulary and some questions we did not know where they came from. In addition, the open-questions had too vague and unfinished questions that did not seem like the ones given as a training during the lecture. We were not prepared for this exam.

We assume full responsibility for the wrong answers we may have provided to questions that could have been answered if we would have studied more the lectures’ content and the literature provided. However, most of the questions were simply too hard for the knowledge we acquired in this course to answer. We believe it is our right to ask for either a re-evaluation of the grading criteria, or a re-take of a partial exam for Corporate Communication. We are also open to your suggestions to solve this issue.

If neither of these options are possible, we hope our complains will be (really) taken into accounts for next year. However, we would still like to have the resit earlier, for example by the end of June. The majority of us are international students, most of which live in different continents, and we would appreciate leaving right after we finish classes instead of staying one more week for an exam we could have done better if given the right information before.