Say NO To Domestic Violence!

Say NO To Domestic Violence!

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•62% of children in households where domestic violence happens are also harmed.
•Between 2007 and 2017, over 20 children were killed by violent fathers who had been allowed to see them through formal and informal contact arrangements.

But a lot of people don’t seem to care. There are usually other problems at court, like insufficient evidence or the victim insufficient funding to help with his/her case, since the perpetrator is the one with access to all the assets and money. The government also wants to cut funding for refuges, making it harder to escape violence. Women fleeing domestic violence are usually put into grossly unsuitable housing – houses with leaking toilets or overrun with mice are examples, creating a risk that they’ll return to the abuser. Other very vulnerable women are forced to sleep rough.

Changes to legal aid meant over 3000 victims had to face their abuser in court without legal support during the first 9 months in 2017, in comparison to just over 1000 in the first 9 months of 2012, proving this is a very big issue today, just not as highly profiled.

Yet it is because of things like this that children in the middle of these situations grow up to make bad choices and commit crimes, and the government would just spend more money on prison instead. They do not see the perpetrators being arrested, and so think this behaviour is acceptable.

And what about teenagers? How must this affect us? As someone who has witnessed domestic violence, I can definitely say not well… Imagine not being able to pour your milk into your cereal or doing homework and your parents start fighting or shouting or drag you into their argument. It got to the point that I believed it was my fault (56% of teenagers agree), though this is completely false. Teenagers in the midst of domestic violence also tend to live in a constant state of fear and are 15 times more likely to be victims of child abuse. 

But it isn't our fault. IT IS YOURS, AS YOU ALLOW THE PERPETRATORS TO HAVE MINIMAL OR NONEXISTENT SENTENCES. Yet we are 28% more likely to be overdosing on acetaminophen or methamphetamine or minithin though it has the effect of a kiloton on us, and weighs a tonne on our mental health... And sends us to jail too. Cutting funds on one thing increases the funding needed for other things. Mental health is something highly profiled by the media, the government and the World Health Organisation, and 60% of women with a mental health disorder has had experience with domestic violence, as well as costing £176 million for mental healthcare.

A brave mum-of-two domestic abuse survivor wants you to see these photos of the horrific injuries inflicted by her "possessive" former partner. Jenna Hurley thought her two young children 'could end up losing their mother' as Mark Whiteside landed blow after blow on her. Such was the brutality of the violence that Jenna's own dad, Simon, didn't even recognise his "little girl". Whiteside pleaded guilty to ABH at Preston Crown Court yesterday.

A spokesman for the CPS confirmed that Whiteside was jailed for 14 months and also given a five-year restraining order and a banning order stopping him from entering certain streets. Jenna is now speaking out in a bid to stop any other woman becoming Whiteside's "next target" and has given permission to use her pictures and post to raise awareness about domestic abuse. 

In the distressing images Jenna shows bruises to her eyes, her back and head. She hopes it will encourage other victims to speak to someone if they are in a similar situation before it's too late. She said: "This isn't a pity post, I already feel stronger than I have ever felt but I will not be silenced by this man another second of my life and I honestly couldn't forgive myself if he ever did this to someone else."

14 months for a violent abuser who could be out in 6!!  These sentence MUST reflect the nature of the crimes committed. Perpetrators of domestic abuse and violence must be dealt with severely. There is NO deterrents.

When will our country deal with this epidemic?

You say suicide isn't an option but you don't give us another.

You say crime is not acceptable, yet you let it slide.

You say you're doing your "best" but it's not enough.

Is it only serious when we get killed? When our stories go on the news?

Will you do anything to stop this?

Thank you for reading,

Anonymous Girl.

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