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First Strike and You're Out!

Hoarding is very difficult to prevent, but it can be stopped. In the short term, neglected and abused animals need to be removed from a hoarder's property, but only long term changes to animal law can prevent hoarding. That is why the Animal Legal Defense Fund is urging states to adopt a First Strike and You're Out law-a model law written by ALDF that would prevent animal abusers like the Woodleys from having the chance to harm other animals.

ALDF's First Strike and You're Out law provides another tool to help combat animal neglect and cruelty by mandating that those who are convicted of a violation of their state animal protection laws are prohibited from owning or having contact with animals for a set period of time, ranging from five years for a first misdemeanor offense up to the lifetime of the offender following a second felony offense.

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