Petition Update

Thank you and support TX HB 238

Marty Edwards

Dec 27, 2012 — I would like to thank everyone for their support and signatures. Also, thank you to the elected officials that signed this petition and made comments of support. This is a bold and humbling action on your part in an ultra-conservative vibe of area where you have shown your true depths as a public servant. I ask you all to please forward the petition to your friends and family and anyone else you wish or in any way you wish to share. The first of the year The Dallas Voice will do a feature story regarding House Bill 238 which is the Employment Anti-Discrimination Act that would protect many people in their workplace based on sexual-orientation. The Voice and David Taffett want to use my story as an example of why this is an important bill. I gladly offer up my story in hopes this will not happen to anyone again. Please contact your representative and encourage support of this bill.
Hugs Not Hate! -Marty Edwards