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Prevention of homelessness & rough sleeping. We want a real solution from our goverments

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Help people of Scotland I am Charmaine mulligan I have started a small group named save us all scotland we are not a charity etc we are people showing people how to be people. Giving temporary relief to many rough sleepers in Glasgow along side many other amazing humanitarians clothes warm drinks food toiletries companionship and help towards shelters but they are not problem solvers. These methods only help with temporary relief. We need a prevention and we need this now the system failings many in Scotland forcing them into poverty and despair. Eyes must be opened the time is now. We voted our goverments in to provide for us the people and that means every single person mattering. Humanity has been forgotten too many left behind and to many life's lost to the cold and starvation in Scotland. These troubles are real and growing at such a fast rate. All the fund raising publicity volunteers etc is amazingly and so inspiring but it's simply not solving this people are still dying. There isn't enough relief for everyone and more life's are being lost. An injustice to one human being I shall an injustice to all. We are ment to be one humanity when will this be the ways !????

we want answers to fix these problems our social structure Is failing the ones is ment to be designed to help and protect !!!  

Scotland says NO we cannot be blinkered any longer to the state of our country. 500000 estimated homeless this year how can anyone justify this. 

How can our goverments promote equality when our brothers and sisters are dying on the streets suffering in every way possible. 

We in Scotland have had enough staying silent we care we want to solve this but we need our goverment to step up ...... real answers 

I hope every one of you beautiful souls who see the wrongs will join us and deliver a clear message to our goverment that this simply isn't good enough any more and scotland is silent no more. WE have a voice we are a proud country and we cannot thrive as a nation until every single human being is treated equal. 

Need not greed it's just not right in such a wealthy country that people are starving and freezing to death !!!! �

You exist in your position of power for the people of Scotland ..... 

time to remember your own people and turn your eyes to our problems. 

Solutions can be so simple if we can only think with our hearts and give human beings the value they deserve. 

Thabk you for your support and today we take a chance that our voice shall grow so loud we cannot be ignored. 

Stand beside us Scotland step up for the time to do what's right is always now. 

Love to you all together we are the change 

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