Release all the Catalan Political Prisoners, being held by Spain. Free them now.

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In 2017 on Oct 1st, a Peaceful Referendum was held by the Catalan People to decide if they should become an Independent State or Republic, Separate from Spain. In the aftermath of Extreme Violence by the Spanish State against the Ordinary Citizens of Catalonia, in which  eleven hundred Innocent Men and Women were beaten and put into hospital, along with thousands of others that were attacked by the Spanish Para Military Police, and Spanish Security Services, similarly Beaten, the Spanish State decided to Unlawfully Imprison nine members of the Catalan Government and Civic Group, Omnium Cutural ( Jordi Cuixart & Jordi Sanchez) as well as attempt to Extradite President Carles Puigdemont, Clara Ponsati and others to the same fate, under the European Arrest Warrant. Those Civic and Cultural Leaders have been Unjustly Imprisoned for a decade each on charges of Sedition, for doing nothing more than running a Peaceful Vote on the Future of their country. Spain's initial attempts to Press charges of Rebellion , Sedition and Miss use of Public Funds have widely been laughed at by many in Europe, but the Spanish State have just jailed the Political Prisoners under the charge of Sedition. The Truth is that the Catalan Political Prisoners have Committed NO Crimes other than to be the Political Opposition to the Spanish Right Wing Parties in Power and the Far Right in Spain, that has its hand on, and in the Spanish State itself, and wishes to Disable and Destroy the Largely Peaceful, homegrown movement of the Catalans wishing Self Determination as Opposed to be Ruled by a Far Right and Fascist State, who's Spanish Elites, and Judicial System is heavily Biased against all things Catalan and against all Independentist, Political Opposition. Apart from this situation, the Catalan Culture is itself under direct threat, as 300 Civic Leaders were Removed and replaced by the Spanish state in something that Resembles, Adolf Hitlers move in France to appoint a Vichy Government and Remove Civic Leaders, and replace them with his own people or another choice. Works of Art, Books, and the Banning of the Colour Yellow even, has shown that what is taking place here is a form of Cultural Genocide in it Infancy, but is moving at Alarming Speed. Spanish Police stand by laughing as Spanish Far Right thugs beat and Attack Catalan Civilians, and Journalists with Impunity. The level of Violence used by the Spanish Security Services has not been seen in Europe since the Second World War, and can only be Historically attributed to Fascists, such as Hitlers Brown Shirts against the Jews and Many other Groups. I ask you to SIGN this Petition to Free the Catalan Political Prisoners, to be delivered to Scottish First Minister and then to Downing St with Press Coverage. I have 12 UK Papers interested in Printing this Petition and the Full story of the Plight not only of the Catalan Political Prisoners, and Exiles but of the Catalan People as a Whole. It is so Important that this Petition does well, as it can get Enormous News Coverage if done Properly. Please Sign it and Re tweet it. Also ask three other people you know to Sign it.  Thank you. God Bless, the Free Catalan People, Fighting for their Survival AGAIN, against Fascism. Visca Catalunya ... Visca Libertat .....   Scott Cummings, Perth, Scotland.