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Intervene on Behalf of Palestinian Children

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This petition is an urgent request that Melania Trump and/or Ivanka Trump intervene on behalf of Palestine, Palestinian families, and Palestinian children in relation to Israel. For 69 years Palestine has been under occupation by Israel and its military. After the Holocaust, Palestinians opened their arms and welcomed Jewish refugees from Europe. What Zionists did in violent response is a matter of sad historical record.

This petition is not to review history, but rather to plea for humanitarian intervention NOW. As mothers, First Lady Melania Trump, and President Trump's natural daughter, Ivanka Trump should have no trouble empathizing with Palestinians and their untenable plight. Princess Diana, before her untimely death, was set to intervene on behalf of Palestinians in the throes of an increasingly worsening human rights crisis. 

As an American – I am deeply saddened that the United States government funds the humanitarian catastrophe that Zionist occupation has created for the Palestinian people in their homeland. Today more than ever before there is a chasm between the Jews of the United States and the Zionists' military occupation of Palestine, apartheid, and brutal genocide taking place before our eyes. This disgust has been clearly expressed in the rejection of the most elementary and fundamental features of Zionist occupation.

All knowledgeable Americans are disturbed by the egregious abuse of Palestinians' human rights, and by its ramifications around the world, and ask that SOMEONE call upon the leaders of Israel to first understand that there is a serious problem which demands attention, and to understand that the tyranny against Palestinians MUST END. The Palestinians are denied the most basic human rights in their own land! The right to their own property is trampled by none other than the touted  "Israeli democracy" Americans are expected to defend and fund. And the problem has only intensified over time. Americans will be the ones to pay most dearly for this, in the end.

I turn to you both, First Lady – and Ivanka Trump whose Jewish husband, Jared Kushner is set to begin peace negotiations – to be voices of moral courage
– to intervene in this matter – to represent the Palestinians' needs during the upcoming negotiations. The rift between Israeli Jewry, American Jewry and all Americans is already great. Your help is desperately needed to bring us closer together and solve this pressing matter.

May God bless you and keep you safe.

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