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Make bus passes usable 24/7

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Today whilst trying to get a bus to go into college and better my life, I was removed from the bus because the passes are not valid before 9am. I have a bus pass because I am registered disabled and so, need this to bolster my low income. The one time I try to improve my life by learning a different subject in which it is more likely I will be able to pursue work, I am told I can't. I have to pay before a certain time. Where is the fairness in this? I'm not being rewarded for trying to better my life. £4 a week to those able bodied may seem like nothing but it isn't. I had to choose between getting the bus and starving or eating and drinking for the day but being late, missing vital moments of my education. I've since learnt that pensioners have no right to use their bus pass before 9:30 or after 23:00. On both counts these are cases of discrimination which are supposed to be illegal and still companies are getting away with this. Please, anyone help. I am not allowed to be disabled before 9:00am and those of a pensionable age are not allowed to be "old" after 23:00pm. Sign this and pass it on to as many friends as you can

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