Make First Bus Essex Accountable for causing travel misery to thousands of local commuters

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First Bus Essex have for years been making the people of Essex's commute a misery. Buses are commonly cut out, commonly over an hour's wait, and drivers are careless and rude. Our NHS staff finish a shift and have to wait, the elderly are waiting in the cold with no bus shelter or seats, our kids are late to and from school, and everyday workers are facing the sack or reprimand for being constantly late as this is the only transport link some people have.

It's not only us commuters suffering, it's our work, families, our child carers, community, home helpers, pets, and most importantly it is affecting anyone that needs to get to hospitals for appointments and the staff that work at hospitals to help us.  It effects us all in different ways, we all need a reliable service for one reason or another 

Increasing fares and a deceasing service. 

We need buses that run regularly, provide updates and have realistic timetables

Please show your support to try and make a change