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Muddassir Labaran started this petition to FIRST BANK NIG. LTD. HEADQUARTER and

We at Malumfashi Community are not finding it easy to do business with the Malumfashi branch office. The way or manner in which the branch is treating us (customers) is not acceptable, many customers from the town has been complaning for sometimes now, no action were taking, instead, things are getting worth. We are the customers that through us, the bank is continuely operating in the community, instead of showing your appreciation for our support, you decided to take the advantage and mock us any how you want, intimidate us when ever we come to seek your services.

I came to this conclusion to write this online petition to call the attention of the authority concern to take immediate investigation and action so that they don't loose customers by the unscrupulous treatment of their staff to us.


1. I hope the bank will do a transparent and honest investigation on the said branch in order to maintain fairness for both party.

2. We don't want you to dismiss any of your staff due to this matter but instead make an assessment form for customers, every customer, from time to time will be given the form to fill, from their you will be able find out who are not performing for the customers. And the form should be available to customers at any given time they wish to make an assessment for a particular staff.

3. Their should be a complaints form available for customers to fill at any given time and the form should have facilities for the customer to send it direct to the headquarter.

4. Because customers have been continuely intimidated, the bank should make an arrangement to mobilize the customers on the changes they have made and how to make complain on any of their staff that treat them some how.

I am sure if the Authority will do all these, plus any other things that they feel is going to help, thing will be calm and the customers will be happy again with the branch. But failure to take immediate action may result in collapsing the branch because customers are begin to change their account with other banks available in the town.

Thank you for your understanding

Yours Faithfully

Muddassir Labaran

Computer Engineer

At Federal College of Education Zaria






This petition made change with 6 supporters!

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