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FIREZZA - The bad neighbour

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Dear Royal Chase resident,

 It's not often I find myself moved to complain as a resident of one the finest residential roads in Tunbridge Wells. However the fleet of mopeds dumped in our road by the Pizza take-away shop Firezza is not in keeping with the consideration of each other we all choose to practise. My feelings have been mirrored by a few of you I have spoken to.

To help with a little background, the bikes have been dumped in our road for six weeks now. The reason they have been dumped in our road is because Firezza, since opening a few years ago, have been using land now owned by Berkley Homes without permission. Having now been told to remove their bikes from their land, Firezza's solution is to dump the bikes in Royal Chase. After six weeks of occupation and as evidenced by the photographs Firezza are blocking chunks of our residential parking through deliberate positioning of their bikes and careful selection of when and how they use each bike.

I have spoken to the manager of the take-away shop and his view is, he is doing nothing illegal, and therefore sees no problem with his actions. In short he displays the same attitude towards Royal Chase as he did Berkley Homes. If he can get away with it he will; he has no regard for the people or community he relies on for his costume.

 I have taken the issue up with Firezza's head office who is Pizza Express, and our local council. With the following arguments:

 1.       Royal Chase is a residential road, using it to base a commercial fleet of vehicles cannot be acceptable

 2.       Permanently blocking access to between 3 and 4 residential parking bay is impinging on residents of the road

 3.       When the license to trade was granted, Firezza must have needed to prove they had adequate resource to manage their business in a densely populated town. I can only assume they misled the authorities, as they clearly do not.

 A month into the dialogue with these contacts, progress has been negligible. The status of these conversations is as follows:

 Firezza (Pizza Express) HQ:

They regret the situation and agree it’s not acceptable. They claim to be working closely with their shop manger to find a solution.

 Contact: Greg (no surname) @ Firezza / Pizza Express customer service - Tel: 08453 899489 - Hunton House Highbridge Industrial Estate Oxford Road UB8 1LX Uxbridge

 Council Parking:

From their perspective Firezza are doing nothing wrong and therefore cannot assist, as no one ‘owns’ these spots. The aforementioned argument ‘2’ falls on deaf ears, even though their deliberate and careful use of the bikes now effectively means they ‘own’ part of Royal Chase now.

 Contact: Abigayle Sankey – Corporate Governance Asst. -  - Tel: 01892 554272 ext: 3272

 Council 'nuisance' department:

They agree this is not an acceptable situation and are seeking to meet with the Firezza shop manager to try and find a solution. This same team have also sought clarification around the argument regarding licensing. Apparently the council do not look into the issues of adequate resources to grant a licence to trade, so again no help. The last update I have is they have yet to meet with the shop manager.

 Contact: Paulina Kasparek - Community Safety Officer - e: – Tel: 01892 554076 ext: 4076

 Personally I enjoy Firezza pizza, it’s a tasty and fresh product. It’s just a shame the manager they have in Tunbridge Wells is so unaware of the importance of community and consideration of others.

PLEASE DON'T IGNORE this note, as the problem we are facing is symptomatic of a densely populated town. If the commercial interests of a few are allowed to go unchecked, the great town you live in today will slowly become not so great.


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