Relieve Dr. Roya Lahijani from her duties as a professor at San Diego City College.

Relieve Dr. Roya Lahijani from her duties as a professor at San Diego City College.

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Charleston Coryea started this petition to President of San Diego City College Ricky Shabazz, Ed.D. and

Dr. Roya Lahijani is a professor in the Biology department at San Diego City College. We, students of hers, are requesting that the San Diego Community College District relieve her from her duties. She is unfit to teach and is unfair and unjust in her instructional methods. She is entirely out of line with how she talks to and treats her students. As students who care about our education, we deserve to be treated fairly and given a fair opportunity and chance to succeed. If this is not happening, then something must change.

The first day of class Dr. Lahijani threatened us, telling students, "If you don't have to be in this class, drop it. It is going to be torture." She told us that in a week or two, half the students in the class would drop her. She told us that "out of my last four classes (50 people in my current class), four people received A's". 2% of Dr. Lahijani's students receive "A" grades. Not only is this a threat, but it is also a display of extreme unprofessionalism given her position as an educator. 

Dr. Lahijani has kicked students out of her classroom because they didn't have the textbook on the second day of class. She gave them no option to stay. She then proceeded to teach an entire lesson independent of the textbook. Paying students have unjustly and unfairly missed out on their own education on her behalf. 

The second day of class we had a quiz. The class average was 41%. Apparently, this is acceptable to Dr. Lahijani. It is not acceptable to me, or my classmates, as we care about our education and future successes. 

Dr. Lahijani berates and belittles students. She is extremely condescending, and students are afraid to go up to her to ask questions. She is unapproachable. This type of behavior is in no way conducive to a healthy educational environment and atmosphere. She talks to us like we're stupid when she herself doesn't even explain assignments clearly. 

Dr. Lahijani fails to accommodate students with disabilities, telling one older woman with arthritis that if she was going to be a minute or two late to class, she best pick another class. In addition, Dr. Lahijani fails to include the mandatory disability clauses in her syllabus per the San Diego City College faculty handbook.

Dr. Lahijani harasses students. During a measurement lab, Dr. Lahijani told one student sitting next to me that the weight she recorded couldn't be correct because she was heavier than that. She also became visibly agitated at a student in my row for asking for clarification on an assignment, asking the student, "what, you can't do basic math?" 

On RateMyProfessors, Dr. Lahijani has 34 student ratings with an overall quality rating of 1.7 (out of 5). Here is some feedback from students who have had Dr. Lahijani as a professor - 

"Teaching style is not conducive to a learning environment. She is extremely rude, condescending, hypocritical, and downright incompetent at times."

"This was by far the worst professor I have had in my 3 years of college. She was not helpful whatsoever and told us all the time we won't be able to pass."

"So inconsiderate and mean. Trust me, I thought I can handle her. I guess that's what I just thought."

"Her class was full people were asking for add codes in the beginning and at the end of the semester there were at least 15 people left in the class."

"Poor teacher. Rude, demoralizing. Ruined biology for me. I can't believe this woman thinks she should be teaching, she needs to go back to the biotech industry. She says that we are workers, not students so she is not going to treat us as students."

Every comment I read here was right. I took the class anyway, the days & time were great sched.I'm a 43yr old working professional. I love SDCC & have over 80crdts done. I have never seen such unprofessional rudeness. Sitting next to a decomposed body for a semester would be far less offensive than having her as a professor. I'm 100% disgusted. Complaints to the department chair didn't help." 

San Diego City College has a responsibility to ensure a safe, harassment-free, just, fair, and pleasant atmosphere conducive to learning for all students. Dr. Lahijani is a threat to the academic and emotional wellbeing of her students. Dr. Lahijani's behavior is unacceptable and must not be tolerated any longer. 

Thank you,
Students of Dr. Lahijani, San Diego City College




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