Get Bentine fired

Get Bentine fired

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Started by Zachary Griffin

Yesterday, Tavo, a guy at our school got pulled out of class by a teacher, he was pulled out for racial slurs and his pride. The teacher bashed him and did not beleive a word Tavo said and ended up putting him in safe.

When in the teachers office, the teacher and a officer that was there continued to bash Tavo and blame him for the racial slurs made, even with evidence from tacos phone of someone else saying these slurs, the teacher still went biased against Tavo and believed the other kid over Tavo, despite the evidence against the other kid.

This teacher has been given multiple warnings, I myself have got this teacher in trouble as well for something he said towards all of our parents. 

This teacher that has done it was Bentine, our vice principal, Taco's petition was seen by Ms.Kendall since someone went to her office and showed her. We have no news from her yet. 

Our goal is to get 100 signitures on this petition to get Bentine fired. He has been given multiple chances, but this time he took it to far. 

We advise you take from this experience and what you read to become a better person, no matter if your gay, don't be afraid to show it and don't judge people just because of there sexuality.

(Also, I can not get this on snap for I was reported for calling Leland Robertson homophobic on my story. I did that cause he came up to me and told me to die for being gay. If someone else could share this on snap, instagram, whatever that would be great)


8 have signed. Let’s get to 10!