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Fire Police Officer Who Beat 66 Year-Old Man w/ Dementia

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In Melbourne, Florida, 66-year-old Albert Flowers, who suffers from dementia, was beaten mercilessly by a police officer and the whole thing was caught on tape. 

Officer Derek Middendorf intentionally shut off his cruiser's dashboard camera and microphone so that the beating would not be caught on tape. He received a written reprimand for shutting down the camera after investigators were able to recover the video and audio that Middendorf thought he had prevented from being captured. 

The video shows the ugly truth about what happened. Officer Middendorf violently and unnecessarily attacked Albert Flowers, first knocking him to the ground with a powerful kick to the 66 year-old man's chest. Middendorf then pounced on Flowers, who could only try to cover his own face as he was pummeled with punches from Middenhorf. Another officer arrived at the scene and then tased Flowers in the face while he was restrained. Flowers was arrested and charged with felony battery

The video shows that Mr. Flowers was not acting in a threatening manner and did not have a weapon. In fact, after watching the video, investigators dropped all charges against Mr. Flowers. If he had posed a threat to the officer, these charges would not have been dropped. 

Officer Middendorf must be removed from his position as a police officer. He cannot be trusted to act appropriately, to uphold the law, or to protect the safety of our citizens. If he remains on the force, the credibility of the Melbourne Police Department and all of Florida's law enforcement will be significantly reduced.

Most police officers follow the law and provide an outstanding service to our communities. The actions of Mr. Middendorf  prove that he is does not deserve to wear a badge.

Please sign this petition and tell Melbourne Police Department to take Officer Middendorf off the force!


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