Fire Kelsey R. DeVoe

Fire Kelsey R. DeVoe

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Why this petition matters

Started by John Smith

Holy Cross health services is a mess. There are countless stories about students' health concerns being ignored, students being misdiagnosed, students being prescribed the wrong medication, etc.

On top of that, health services and the COVID core team is incompetent when it comes to public health. Their public health measures are inconsistent, consistently at odds with CDC guidelines, and do nothing to protect the student body against COVID-19.

Right now, Holy Cross is experiencing a surge of COVID cases, and instead of utilizing less disrupting public health measures, (i.e testing and contact tracing, isolating students immediately once they test positive, keeping students isolated until they are no longer contagious, utilizing anti-viral treatments, etc.)  Health services re-imposed the mask mandate, a highly unpopular, unenforceable measure that is at odds with both Massachusetts state guidelines and CDC guidelines.

These ridiculous judgments are made by Health Services Director Kelsey R. DeVoe. Ms. DeVoe has been told of these shortcomings but consistently ignores student output and makes decisions that jeopardize students' health and diminish the Holy Cross experience.

We the students demand the following 

  1. Kelsey R. DeVoe should be terminated or resign her post immediately.
  2. Restructure Holy Cross health services to better serve the Holy Cross student body
  3. Lift the holy cross mask mandate and re-instate contact tracing at Holy Cross
  4. Expand IQ facilities so that Holy Cross is better equipped to deal with COVID surges.
  5. Utilize anti-viral treatments like Paxlovid at health services for high-risk students. 

Holy Cross students deserve to have their concerns addressed, and we are incredibly concerned about health services' competence to lead the student body through this current surge. 

6 have signed. Let’s get to 10!