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Fire Joe Farrens for shooting an innocent pit bull

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Joe Farrens needs to be fired! While checking on a vandalism report, the officer said the the dogs ran into the street in an "aggressive manner." The dogs did not attack the officer. Joe Farrens shot Mary Jane, the pit bull in the jaw for barking at him while just feet away from a child. Chief Gary Addy backs up the officer saying, "He did what he felt he had to do."

Officer Joe Farrens says he shot the dog when it ran into the street. But Simpson says his son was just feet away from the shooting and says it happened much differently. So does one woman who witnessed everything from across the street. Nicole Dicks, an eyewitness, says, "It was almost like he was charging the dog like he was trying to get the dog to respond, because the dog was totally fine, I mean, like I said, he was at the corner of the yard. He shot the dog in the yard."

Lyle calls the city ordinance too broad, and asks how this could happen in the first place. "We have animal control. You feel threatened, stay in your damn car, call them," he said. The pit bull, Mary Jane, is under observation, recovering. The bullet shattered her jaw, and became lodged in her throat. Onawa Police are still investigating the incident. They say the owners may be cited for not having control of the dog.

In addition to signing this petition, we need to contact the Onawa Police Department and let them know how we feel about their officer shooting innocent dogs!

Onawa Police Department
Chief of Police
Gary Addy
909 7th St
Onawa, Iowa 51040

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