Fire Hue Jackson and Hire a New Head Coach for the Cleveland Browns

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I have lived in Northeast Ohio all my life. Since I could understand what football was I was a Browns fan, and since then I haven't seen winning season. I remember the false hope I was fed by the Browns staff through the years.   I always somehow felt that it could get better. Years went by and it has been a slow decent into sports hell. Everyone in Cleveland feels screwed over by the organization at every turn. Now the owner decides that the coach of a 1-31 football team should be allowed to stay after firing other coaches for less failure. Enough is enough. If Jimmy Haslam cares at all about this team he will fire Hue Jackson and get a new capable Head Coach. It has come to the point that draft prospects want to stay in college instead of making millions of dollars to stay out of Cleveland. We have dug ourselves a hole that no one but the fans seem to want to get out of. Here is step one:  FIRE THE 1-31 COACH. The second coach in history to go 0-16!!!!!! Step Two: GET A QB TO LAST. Last I checked the list is up to 26 or 27 QBs in the past 10 years. Step Three: Get recievers and Saquan Barkley. #Beliveland #Fantilldeath

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