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Fire City Manager (David-Frasher)

David Frashers background has become evident to the Community.
Malfeseance in office cannot be tolerated, Nor the endorsement of Rackeeteering.

Now is the time to notify the City Council to fire David Frasher before he does to us what he did with two other cities in Oregon . {Look it up: David Frasher-Ashlan and Grants Pass Oregon~ rape and pillage is too good a term.

Recently David Frasher,... Mayor Douglas Neely,  and OCPD Mike Conrad was recorded at City Hall on the city Video~also written documentation~with intent to commit fraud in an all out lie to force controls over the independant business owners in Oregon City. These emergency meetings are only to take away hwhat is left of our freedoms.

Sign the Petition and help us Fire David Frasher and perhaps other city leaders will 'clean-up their act.

The Committee of Oregonians~Candidate for mayor James Lee Hamilton~and Appellat and Constitutional Lawyer -John Kevin Hunt -provided all the information in Public forum that these men were Violating their respective Oaths of office. What happened?~They continued with the lies to force a vote against the local businesses with the power to shut down any they felt like.
Please, ENOUGH is enough.
Sign the petition. and tell a frioend Share it to others"
Sadly without your help these men will intentionally continue to violate the Constitution of Oregon and the Federal constitutional as well.
These men are out of harmony with Constitutional laws
 Sign the petition:Help us STOP  this outrageous violation of local businesses.

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All of our cities are in trouble... as you know WE can take back America one city at a times by getting rid of the riff raff.

Poor Management  like David Frasher~has taken everything away from the power of the people..

Your Right to abolish bad government is in your hands Lets tackle this together.

Now you can make a difference in restoring some sanity to this misapproation of city assets, services, and stop blatant law violations by managers like David Frasher.

Sign the Petition and show your support of honest government.

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