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Derek Michael Williams Jr, 22, died in police custody in July 2011, after being arrested on suspicions of robbery.

A recently released squad video shows him suffocating and begging for help in the back of a police car as officers ignore his entreaties for assistance for nearly eight minutes until he dies.

Member's of the Milwaukee Police Department have viewed the video and cleared the officers involved of any wrong doing. However, the recent public release of the dashcam video has prompted the case to be re-opened and the Medical Examiner to change its ruling on the manner of death from natural causes to a homicide (death caused by another).

The FBI has recently annouced that they will be investigating this case in addition to determining if there has been a pattern of civil rights abuses at the hands of the Milwaekee Police Department.

The handling of this case (as well as the Darius Simmons case and illegal cavity searches that have been conducted by member's of the MPD without punitive action) have left many questioning Chief Flynn's integrity, moral, competence,  and fairness in terms of race related incidents.

In light of all of these tragic incidents, the community strongly requests and urges the Milwaukee Fire and Police Department to permanently relieve Mr. Flynn of his duties as Chief.


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Letter to
Milwaukee Police Fire and Police Department Milwaukee Fire and Police Department
Community Forward Tracey Dent
The exact circumstances surrounding the death of Derek Williams and how he was handled by the arresting officers have not been fully disclosed. We do know that Derek sustained injuries to his back, torso and suffered from a cracked hyoid (neck bone), seen only in 1/3 of homicides that result from strangulation.

He initially began complaining of difficulty breathing as he lay prone, handcuffed, with an officer’s knee on his back. He constantly stated he could not breath, begged for assistance and showed visible signs of compromise for a total of 15 minutes, until he unfortunately died.

Although the cause of death has been changed from natural to a homicide charges against the officer's involved in hid death have not been filed.

We ask that you sign this petition and stand in solidarity with us in our quest for justice. Please also consider liking The Justice For Derek Williams Page on Facebook as we continue to bring awareness and updates to the community on the tragic death of Mr. Derek Michael Williams Jr. Thank you.

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