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Petitioning TO THE BOSTON COLLEGE BOARD OF TRUSTEES Fire BC Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo

Oversee Athletics & Fire Our Controversial Athletic Director

     To the Boston College Board of Trustees.....Fire BC Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo

We need to get this tragic story into the national media to bring attention to the downfall of Boston College Athletics. The Boston Media has been silent on the downfall of Boston College Athletics. We think the reason for this is that large institutions and/ or corporations buy advertising in big newspapers and other information outlets. The Boston Globe is in very bad financial condition. It has been mentioned that Boston Globe and the Herald (the other big Boston newspaper) have consolidated printing operations. Large institutions and/ or corporation know of the financial conditions of the various media sources and leverage their advertising revenue to stop big newspapers and others from covering stories that are sensitive and or potentially damaging. What does this say about the freedom of the press? What does this say about the state of our democracy? 

Please read our petition and sign it and ask others to do the same. The sited unethical business practices hurts the NCAA, Boston College students, student athletes, alumni and the declining local and the declining national fan base of Boston College Athletics.

The Committee for a New Direction in Boston College Athletics is concerned about an appearance of exploitation of college athletes for profit. We believe the university president and his 'controversial' athletic director has gravely harmed a historically successful Division One Sports Program clearly for profit and has harmed our athletes, and many nationally recognized winning coaches swept out under highly unusual circumstances.

The Boston College Board of Trustees must take back control of Boston College Athletics and also shed the image of being a rubber stamp for Pres. Leahy. The Board must be transparent! The Chair of the board must take action. Paying this athletic director ($600 thousand to $1 million plus per year) the type of dollars he is receiving is simply not justified and wrong!

We already know from a Boston newspaper that this athletic director acted inappropriately with regards to North Carolina State, and IF this becomes a matter for the courts what will be exposed as far as interfering with employment opportunities for other(s) as is alleged.

The present reality:

 The steady decline of a historic and significant economic base for the university.
 The steady decline of the football program.
 Loss of BC Football Alum financial support for the university.
 Loss of significant BC Football fan base.
 Declining BC Athletics ticket sales (gives away free tickets for appearances sake).
 A shifting away from a traditional Athletics Director’s role to that of fundraiser.
 A self serving motivation to receive higher compensation on the part of the Athletic Director, i.e. surcharging.  

The Committee is looking for a change in leadership, a new direction, and the restoration of the universities’ once highly regarded NCAA Division 1A athletic program, and to restore the reputations of nationally respected coaches wrongly treated to meet the self serving financial needs of the Director of the Boston College Athletic Department. We are seeking justice for the defaming and unjust firing of a legendary African-American men’s basketball coach Al Skinner; the unjust firing of women’s basketball Coach Cathy Inglese and others; and to end the excessive Athletics Director tampering of the internal relationships between head coaches, their staffs and the athletes causing grave harm to the relationship structures needed for a successful sports program.

Key questions from present and former BC employees, football alum and others:

1. Will the board of trustees now oversee the athletic program instead of President Leahy?
2. Will the board of trustees explain how the athletic director position is compensated, publically?
3. Does the athletic director’s compensation consist of a base and how is that configured and is fundraising additional bonus to the athletic director’s compensation?
4. Can the board of trustees articulate where they see its vision of the Boston College Athletic Department?
5. Will the board of trustees review why key donors ended their relationship with Boston College and how does it related to the Athletics Director’s office? Will you meet directly with alumni in open forum?
6. Has the board of trustees and/or any of its members seen the poor attendance at Boston College football and basketball games?
7. Will the board of trustees go back and review all coaching terminations of employment contracts in the athletics department and also look at the relationship between the Athletic Director’s office and head coaches?
8. Finally, will the board of trustees speak to both former coaches as to why they left and what the atmosphere was like working in this athletic department? The Committee for a New Direction in Boston College Athletics views the present atmosphere within the athletic department to be toxic for staff, coaches and our cherished student athletes:

• In the past few months 4-assistant football coaches have left the football staff. All these folks must be replaced at a cost.
• There has been incredible turnover within the athletic department; such movement creates instability.

Of Note:


1. Our greatest success in athletics came under the direction of Father J. Donald Monan, president of Boston College who is a sports fan.
2. Please note that two former Boston College athletes and alumni became our most successful athletic directors (Bill Flynn and Chet Gladchuck).
3. The interest of the student athletes were front and center.
4. When you have an emotional tie to something you will protect it.
5. The football team saved Boston College you (the board of trustees) now govern from the legacy provided by Father J. Donald Monan, Bill Flynn and Chet Gladchuck, and our incredible athletes.
6. All of these leaders made modest incomes and yet the university thrived as did our sports programs.


President Leahy took this former division III athlete and made him head of a highly respected NCAA Division IA sports legacies with no accountability but looked the other way because of the enormous money (donor giving) bought in by this athletic director causing system conflicts of interest and an incredible decline in our athletic program


Former Boston College Athletic Director William J Flynn (BC Alum) hired some the most winning coaches in BC sports history:

 Hockey Coach John "Snooks" Kelley : 501 Wins /243 Losses/ 15 Ties
 Hockey Coach Leonard Stanley Ceglarski : 419 Wins /242 Losses/27 Ties
 Head Basketball Coach Bob Cousy: 114 Wins/38 Losses
 Head Basketball Coach Dr. Thomas "Dr. Tom" Davis: 100 Wins / 47 Losses
 Head Basketball Coach Gary B. Williams: 76 Wins /45 Losses
 Head Football Coach Jack Bicknell: During his first six seasons, the football program went to four bowl games including the Tangerine Bowl in '82, Liberty Bowl in '83, Cotton Bowl in '85 (the '84 season)


Former Boston College Athletics Director Chet Gladchuck Jr. (BC Alum) hired the most winning coaches in BC sports history:

 Former Head Football Coach Tom O’Brien (75 Wins vs. 45 Losses; 8 Bowl Game Appearances with 6 wins 1 loss and 1 tie; Longest winning bowl streak in the Nation); Outstanding coach.
 Former Head Football Coach Tom Coughlin now New York Giants Head Coach; Outstanding coach
 Former Men’s Basketball Coach Al Skinner (210 Wins vs. 137 Losses; in 11- years; 6-NCAA Tournament. Appearances w/1 NIT Appearance), Outstanding coach, fired.
 Former Women’s Basketball Coach Cathy Inglese (273 W vs. 179 L; in 15-years; 7-NCAA Tournament. Appearances w/1 WNIT Appearance; 3-trips to the NCAA Sweet 16 (2003, 2004 and 2006)); Outstanding coach, fired.
 Current Men’s Hockey Coach Jerry York ("5" National Championships); Outstanding coach.


Poor business manager of Boston College Athletics with a self serving financial arrangment (compensation: role of athletic director and role of fundraiser- additional compensation); Current Boston College Athletics Director (Non-BC Alumni) hires at Boston College:

 Former Head Football Jeff Jagodzinski (11 Wins vs. 3 Losses; ACC Div Champ; #10 Nat'l Poll; Champs Sports Bowl; the Eagles were ranked second in the Bowl Championship Series standings); a winning coach, fired.
 Current Head Football Frank Spaziani, poor coaching record.
 Current Women’s Basketball Coach Sylvia Crawley, Just got fired (another medical issue announcement, or is it?).
 Current Men’s Basketball Coach Steve Donahue, poor coaching record.

Note: Our AD’s public statement - The current BC Football Coach (Frank Spaziani) is the best coach this AD has seen at BC in 15-years (4 Years, 20-19); Where does this leave national championship winning hockey coach Jerry York on his list? What does this statement tell our present student-athletes about Boston College’s commitment to excellence in athletics?

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