JUSTICE FOR MYSTIQUE; fire Amber for killing her!

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The correct location is the Monroe County Animal Control shelter in Sparta, WI whos animal control officer is AMBER DVORAK

There is a public meeting regarding Mystique (the dog who the Monroe County shelter put down) on Monday October 15 at 6:00 pm at the new justice center in Sparta. 

Mystique was a beautiful boxer who was able to be saved by many rescues! A vet! A trainer people willing to foster, and even people willing to adopt. The head person Amber Dvorak had it decided that she would be euthanized. First they asked volunteers to help try to find some where for her to go. Once Heather did it was one excuse after another as to why they wouldn't let anyone take her. Even though they had her listed as available for adoption. First it was that she was heartworm positive and deaf. Rescues and vets did not care, there was even a foster willing to pay for all of her medical needs, who has a lot of experience with deaf dogs. Then it was she was dog aggressive, again not a huge deal. Then it was they thought she had neurological issues their reasoning...she unprovokingly attacked another dog. She never was tested for neurological problems. And even if she had any they could be managed.  Mystique wasn't given a chance. Then Amber fired the volunteer Heather who reached out to try to get help with Mystique.     

Please sign our petition to have justice for Mystique and fire Amber for killing her.                           

Governor: Scott Walker 

Mayor: Ronald Button

County Administrator- Jim Bialecki

Today: Rhonda is counting on you

Rhonda Travis needs your help with “fire Amber and the 2 animal officers above her and charge them with murder and NEVER let them around animals; get Heather her job back. and to prevent anything like what happened to Mystique to happen to any other animal. Justice for Mystique!!!!!!”. Join Rhonda and 7,589 supporters today.