Allow Scottish Dance Schools to Open on August 1st - A Plea from The Kids Who Need Them

Allow Scottish Dance Schools to Open on August 1st - A Plea from The Kids Who Need Them

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We, as a collective of dance school owners, parents of students and students, wish to ask the government to immediately greenlight the opening of dance studios in Scotland from 1 August.

For us, this is not monetary to the studios as they are all going to take a further hit having to lower class sizes and increase number of classes at a cost to ourselves. 

This is for the kids. Quotes from kids at our schools:

...I have nowhere to feel myself anymore...I don't want to go back to school without my ******* school to support me through it. I would rather be in lockdown forever than go to school without my dancing family to get me through the week. I don't know if I'll cope .....

...I'm giving up hope now of getting a place at vocational school.... auditions start September and our summer intensives to prepare us could not go ahead. English students are going to have a huge advantage as they will be getting their strength and technique back now after four months of less training and they have until September to do several weeks of intensives....not only are we going to struggle with our school exams this year but we are going to be second rate to England in drama school/college auditions ....bye bye my future. 

.....I miss my friends....they understand me more than friends at's different there....happier......

Are these the kind of comments people can say about going to the pub, to the hairdressers, to nail bars?

As a dance community we CAN and DO social distance. Allow us to open....for the sake of these kids. Please sign and share the petition.