Make Fingal evict troublesome tennant

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Kevin Casey started this petition to fingal county council

The aim of this petition is to gain support from the local community to help us make Fingal County Council accept accountability and remove their troublesome tennant at number 47 St Brigids Park in Blanchardstown. 

For several years the residents of St Brigids Park and the nearby estates have been the victim of this tennants erratic behaviour, excessive public drinking and intoxicated outbursts.

Over this time there have been many incidents but within the past six months it has escalated becoming more frequent yet the complaints to Fingal County Council seem to be falling on deaf ears. 

Since December we the residents have had rodent infestations as a direct result of the filth of this tennant and because of the fact that although Fingal County Council have acknowledged the problem they are yet to remove this person.

Instead, they seem to be turning a blind eye, leaving this man to get away with his abusive behaviour and threats to neighbours who live on the road and people who deliver a service to the community, for example, a recent confrontation with a health care worker who was trying to help this tennant when he called them for himself after a drunken outburst.

Fingal Co Council are ignoring the fact that he is a danger to the children who play on the road having already aggressively screamed at children who were playing while he sat in the front garden drunk. My question to Fingal is how long are they going to allow this happen? How long more can they allow these antics?

Personally I am fed up with both this tennant and Fingal County Council ignoring their own obligations and I am asking you to help by signing this petition. We have failed in every attempt with Fingal, we have had meetings, sent emails and made many calls to which we are told it is a difficult situation. 

There is a housing crisis in Ireland yet Fingal allow this man to live in and destroy a three bed house while families desperate for a home have nowhere to go.

All we are asking for is to have this man removed from the property so the estate is once again a safe enviroment  for the residents and children of St Brigid's Park and so that a family who genuinely need a home will get the chance. 

Thank you

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!