Fine parents of anti-social behaviour

Fine parents of anti-social behaviour

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Why this petition matters

Started by Kat Mason

Antisocial behaviour from U18s continues to be a significant problem in the UK and more so because there are no ramifications. 
As parents, WE are responsible for our children's behaviour, their well-being, their morals and integrity, which is why it’s particularly impertinent to ensure that as parents we are culpable. 
There is too much blame and pressure on schools and the state to correct behaviour and there are no laws in place that the culprits adhere to. 
We are pandering to bad and disruptive children by giving them labels of mental health when in fact, they are just not disciplined. 
Parents lack care and consideration for others when they allow their children to roam the streets causing damage, intimidating other children and adults, endangering lives with causing fires, calling out emergency services on hoax calls and assaults. This needs to stop and what people care about is money. 
So, I propose that when children (U18) have caused any antisocial behaviour listed above (although the list is not exhaustive) their parent/carer should incur a fine. If they can’t pay a fine then their TV, Console, mobile phones should be removed - these are consequences that have never incurred because we live in a Nanny state! 
This will encourage parents to PARENT if they feel their precious mobile phones may be confiscated. 
These items should be held for a period in which if a crime occurs again, items should be sold and funds donated to struggling families/food banks etc. 

please sign and share. The Gov are quick to create a law from people blocking roads but this impacts people, normal working class people directly! 

89 have signed. Let’s get to 100!