No to Retirement at 68: Oppose the Fine Gael-Fianna Fáil plan to keep us working longer

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We, the people of Ireland, demand that Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil reverse their decision to increase the retirement age to 68.

In 2014, the age of eligbility to receive the public pension was 65. This was increased to 66 in 2015. Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil intend to increase it to 67 in 2021.

They intend to increase further it to 68 by 2028.

This will result in many hundreds of thousands of people being forced to join the dole queue if they retire before 68, or alternatively work much longer than they had planned or is fair. That is not acceptable.

All of us deserve a society where we can prosper and enjoy our time, especially after decades of hard work. We need an economy that serves people rather than people being forced to serve the economy. Under Fine Gael - Fianna Fáil, the 'needs' of the economy have reigned supreme over the needs of people. It is time to take a stand against that.

Establishment politicians retire on big pensions and payouts and are often subsequently employed in cosy revolving door jobs. Meanwhile the rest of us struggle to make ends meet, raise our family and keep a roof over our heads.

It is time to challenge Fine Gael-Fianna Fáil's unfair retirement plans for the rest of us.

Everyone ought to be entitled to enjoy life in their later years, not be forced to keep working or onto the dole.