Finding a Cure for Healthcare's Staffing Shortage

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The shortage of healthcare staff creates stress and burnout, inconsistent care, and mistakes that can often be long-lasting or even fatal. Additionally, not having enough caregivers creates unnecessary costs in healthcare (overtime along with higher rates for temporary staffing solutions). Our population is both growing and aging — meaning more people are going to need more healthcare. Health care professionals are now spread too thin and even completing the most routine procedures becomes a challenge. There needs to be a change!

The solution for the staffing shortages and the aging population would be to have more hospitals, more rehab facilities and more long-term-care beds. We would also need health-care professionals to staff all these new sites, as well as ease shortages at the ones we already have. This can be done with support and funding from the provincial government. This would be an integral part of improving the quality of life of Canadians.

Personal story
I am currently doing my student placement at a long-term care home in Ontario. Throughout my time there I have seen first hand just how spread thin these healthcare workers are. it is not out of the norm to only have 2-3 PSW's responsible to get an entire home area up and ready for breakfast. Throughout the day nurses and PSW's may be busy providing care and finding someone to help with a resident is beyond impossible at times. Seeing this issue during my time at a long-term care home made me realize that it is incredibly important to be an advocate not only for the residents but all the healthcare staff as well. Decreasing this shortage will improve the quality of life for all the individuals involved.