Petition Closed

Our son Joshua Swalls went missing November 3, 2012 from a friends apartment. He left behind his car and cell phone which were all found at the friends apartment. We have reached out to Texas Equu Search to help us search areas of concern for Josh. Texas Equu Search agreed they would send in their OHIO Team if our IMPD Missing Person Detective would approve. She has not approved and stated there is not an area they need to search. This service is free to the State of IN, IMPD and the family. Why would would someone not want to use this type of resource???? We are not getting the help we feel we should from IMPD (Indianapolis Metro Police Departmnet).

Letter to
Joshua Swalls Find Joshua Swalls - IMPD will not allowing Texas Equu Search to help
We want IMPD to allow Texas Equu Search to search areas for Joshua Swalls