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Find a Compromise, Stop the Strike

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All over Ontario the education of students is being affected due to the Putting Students First act (Bill 115). This act had been made to help educate children; so that there could be full day kindergarten, more teachers and smaller class sizes. But it is taking away rights that our teachers had earned years ago. Although the Government of Ontario had positive intentions, they are making a negative impact. The Teachers Union has decided that since the government has taken away every other way to protest, they would stop all volunteering they do in school. They have no other way to get all their rights back. This not only includes all sports teams, art clubs, and theatrical performances but also incorporates all the extra help teachers may give before school, after school and during lunch. They have decided they will do their jobs and no more. Some students who are counting on extracurricular activities to get them into a specific high schools or universities are now running out of options. Students who have decided that they want to include sports in their career now can't count on their experience from school teams. This bill is doing permanent damage to the future of students all over Ontario. That makes finding a solution our responsibility too. We have every right to protest and we should use it instead of waiting everything to be fixed. As quoted by Abraham Lincoln "To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men". We may only be students but that does not give us an excuse to do nothing. So now I am asking all students to put a stop to this. Help make a Difference!


Yashleen Jhand, Harmin Sahota, Sumen Waraich, Ravneet Kaur 


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