Write-off debts of those who lost all income; radically rebuild the economy - Jubilee Year

Write-off debts of those who lost all income; radically rebuild the economy - Jubilee Year

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Ronald Dyers started this petition to Financial Institutions (Banking Association South Africa) and

In assessing our country's augmented challenges, the Nation of God and its faith partners, coming together as the Believer’s Alliance, states publicly, with the motive to re-build our land, that:

There is a need for a Jubilee Economic Emancipatory Dispensation (JEED) approach in our land in order to

A. Relief heavily indebted citizens from debts which they no longer can service due to loss of income

B. Assist citizens who lost all income from permanently loosing bonded immovable property

C. Promote social stability through radical progressive economic growth

D. Safeguard and buffer citizens from economic pandemics, depressions and huge market implosions.


In the light of the massive devastation in employment, household incomes and disposable incomes of citizens brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, we urgently propose the adoption of a responsible Jubilee Economic Emancipatory Dispensation for our country in which:


1. Financial Institutions such as Banks, Loan Entities, Insurance and Assurance companies need to be called to higher accountability and a more sophisticated approach to assisting rather than condemning people negatively affected in terms of income during these trying times, through which:

1.1 Outstanding loan balances up to R300 000, of usual income owners of up to R30 000 pm, be deferred for re-assessment of repayment ability or for debt write off after 12 months since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

1.2 Assurance products relating to retirement and death benefits, to remain active and premiums be deferred for re-assessment of repayment ability after 34 months since the Covid-19 pandemic.

1.3 The repayment of bonds for owners with an immovable property portfolio not exceeding R1.5 million to receive reprieve without repossessions or extra interest for 36 months and that assessment on repayment be done at the period after the said 12 months.


2. The government of our land cannot call itself to be in a real covenant with the people if it cannot protect its people at the most vulnerable of times. The vast historic economic imbalances of our land has to date not yet been fully addressed and inequality has vastly grown through government's inability to radically deal with it. Neither has and could the monopolist capital structures and the super rich's unwillingness to progressively build a more equal world, Africa or South Africa. South Africa has become a country where the vast inequalities and disparities of income levels scream against the heavens. Thus, there is an urgent need that:

2.1 Government must radically and most urgently address any and all corruption by whosoever as treason against the people of this land and as such government must in all urgency direct efforts to punish those who have stolen billions and recuperate those billions wherever government can. Had government properly and more urgently dealt with stopping the looting and sheer treacherous criminality in our land, many of such funds could have been steered to saving lives and to assist those most harshly affected by the consequences of Covid-19, and for creating much needed employment.

2.2 There must be a comprehensive and radical overview of the factors playing into the economy and the financial progress and stability of our country to fundamentally deal with
2.2.1 Cheap Chinese imports and fake goods as unwelcome to our economy and that more manufacturing and export happens from our country
2.2.2 The flight of money from the country and the unpatriotic listing of companies on stock exchanges in other countries, same such companies that were started with South African capital
2.2.3 The suspension of continuous government bail outs to government entities which has now largely become heavens for elitist executives who are unable to profitably run such
2.2.4 Much more serious control to our borders and such consequential strain on our internal resources 

3. South Africa must embark on a radical and revolutionary new economic approach realised by government into building a commonly and inclusively prosperous, highly educated and empowered society with more notable social security nets while keeping to attaining a much higher level of morally upright, responsible and patriotic citizenry. 


There is a need for those most negatively affected to raise the attention of our society to their adverse position. We invite those adversely affected and all citizens who seek a radical new and prosperous South Africa to stand up and start walking into such direction, starting with the inauguration of the Jubilee Economic Emancipatory Dispensation (JEED) and the collective building of our country.

Issued by members of the Believer’s Alliance

Rev Minister Ronald Dyers - Nation of God (National Chairman)

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