Legal requirement that car insurance gives 30-day grace period upon death of policyholder

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Make all car insurance policies give a 30-day grace period when a car insurance policy holder dies.  Please make life just that little bit easier for those left dealing with their loved one’s car at what is already one of the most devastating and difficult times of their lives.

On 27th June 2018, my cherished mother passed away and when I called to inform her car insurance company, they cancelled her policy with immediate effect.  I am a named driver on that policy yet from that moment was unable to legally drive her car.  Not only that, I was then told it was a legal requirement to declare the car SORN, a statutory off-road notification because the car had had an insurance policy cancelled.  So, I can’t legally drive it, remove it from her address, allow anyone to test drive it to sell, take it to a new owner or even drive it around the block to keep the battery going - not without taking out a new insurance policy.

This is wrong!  This leaves people unable to move their loved one’s car.  They cannot take a new insurance policy on the car unless they are the registered keeper, and cannot drive it on their own car insurance policies (that allow driving of vehicles not belonging to them) as this requires the car in question to have its own insurance policy on it – which of course the deceased person’s insurance company has just cancelled.  All they can do is take ‘temporary insurance’ which in my case would have cost over £200 for 2 months!  This is ridiculous and many people just don’t have that kind of money.

Insurance companies who have their own underwriting service are able to offer a 30-day grace period.  But anyone whose loved one used an insurance broker will find the car insurance policy cancelled immediately.   A sensible and common sense approach requires that all car insurance should give the same 30-day grace period, and let’s stop putting bereaved people through this unnecessary additional grief.


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